Rapid Detox in our clinic is performed by board-certified medical doctor anesthesiologist with special training and experience in critical care, pain management and cardiac surgery anesthesia to ensure patient safety and comfort. It's our decades of experience in taking care of the sickest patients that enable us to take care of the rapid detox patients with the highest safety standard.

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The science and safety of medical rapid detox treatment focus on anesthetizing the patient safely and comfortably so the patient does not experience any of the intense withdrawal symptoms brought on by the aggressive and rapid detox process. Under continuous monitoring of the patient's brain, heart, respiration, oxygenation, blood pressure, optimal degree of anesthesia is delivered. Afterwards, patients only feel residual withdrawals, tolerated by the vast majority of patients.

Ask yourself what kind of doctor you would want to perform rapid detox on you. During the anesthesia don't you want someone who has worked on thousands of open-heart surgery anesthesia cases, intensive care unit patients, and chronic pain patients to watch over you?

Rapid Detox Procedure is performed by a double-board-certified anesthesiologist and pain management specialist, with one to three assistants dedicated to taking care of just one patient for the entire 48 hour hospital stay.