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There is no guarantee in life or in any medical treatment, including rapid detox, but why take a chance with any doctor who is less well-trained or less experienced? In our clinic, our medical director is an experienced anesthesiologist, double board-certified in anesthesiology and in pain medicine, with 19 year experience in cardiac anesthesia, Intensive Care, and pain management.

Fundamental rules of medical ethics forbid us from offering any guarantee or promise for the success of the treatment. Upon requests, we can direct you to the blogs written by patients who have experienced success from our treatment.

There is inherent risks involved in any medical procedure, including this one. We rely on our experience, advanced equiment, expertise to minimize risks and maximize patient comfort. But, again, basic rules of medical ethics prohibit us from issuing any guarantee or absolute promises. For further discussion, call us at

(800) 276-7021 or (702)308-6353.