Drug Rehabilitation

The drug rehabilitation clinic of Rapid Detox Las Vegas offers a solution for motivated clients who really want to quit narcotic addiction. Drug addiction is made up of at least three components-physical and psychological addiction and social influence. Rapid Detox Las Vegas can treat the physical component safely and comfortably at the drug rehabilitation clinic, but the patient has to overcome the psychological addiction and the social influence that caused the narcotic addiction in the beginning. The licensed rehabilitation clinic of Solutions Recovery Center, Las Vegas, can work on the psychological and social aspect of addiction and Rapid Detox Las Vegas is able to make the introduction. Patients may find that this part of the recovery may be covered by health insurance. Patient safety and comfort are of the highest priority of the drug rehabilitation clinic of the Rapid Detox Las Vegas.

Dr. Thomas Yee, MD is a highly qualified and experienced anesthesiologist certified by both the American Board of Anesthesiology and by the American Board of Pain Medicine and is licensed in Nevada, California and New York. Dr. Yee of Rapid Detox Las Vegas has provided anesthesia care to open heart surgery patients since 1990 and his practice in both cardiac anesthesia and pain management led to his development of the Rapid Detox Las Vegas technique. He has been in practice since 1989.The drug rehabilitation facility offers hospital rooms with the most advanced intensive care and equipment to monitor brain and other vital organs and the Rapid Detox Las Vegas procedure is performed by the double board certified doctor with one to three assistants dedicated to taking care of just one patient for the entire forty-eight hour hospital stay. Rapid Detox Las Vegas offers drug rehabilitation patients the opportunity to sleep for eight hours while undergoing the advanced rapid detox treatment administered by an experienced anesthesiologist. The patients of the drug rehabilitation clinic will awaken feeling that most of the physical addiction and withdrawal from opiates have been eliminated.

The eight hours of sleep equate with the patient having to endure eight days of "cold Turkey" quitting. Rapid Detox Las Vegas is the only drug rehabilitation facility in the country to provide continuous one-on-one or three-on-one patient care during the time spent at the clinic. If patients fly into Las Vegas to attend the drug rehabilitation clinic, the Rapid Detox Las Vegas facility can arrange for them to be met and brought to the clinic. The first day at the drug rehabilitation facility includes an interview with the medical director, a physical examination and doctor-administered preparation medications. On the second day drug rehabilitation patients undergo the Rapid Detox Las Vegas procedure for eight hours under anesthesia. There will be a two hour anesthesiologist-observed recovery period and careful monitoring by nursing staff covers the rest of the second day. On the third day the patients continue to receive nursing care and monitoring and signs of residual withdrawal will be treated with medications. At the end of the day, when stable, the patient is discharged.