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Sent: Sat, Aug 21, 2010 8:50 pm
Subject: Letter of Appreciation for Dr. Yee

Our daughter went through rapid detox about 4 months ago. She was addicted to opiates after pain suffered in a car accident over 2 years ago. Through counseling, she finally decided that she "wanted to get her life back." We did not know that she was addicted, but we knew that she was in constant pain, and she said it was taking more and more pills to keep the pain away. She had become totally dependent on the drugs, had tried to get off of them cold turkey & failed several times.

Our daughter found out about rapid detox on the internet. We were nervous about the procedure and had never heard about it before. I went with her to Las Vegas to be her support system.

When we arrived in Las Vegas we were met at the airport by a psychologist, Dr. Rendon, who works with patients regarding all of the mental ramifications of addiction. On the trip to the clinic he filled us in on all that we could expect the next few days. I began to relax, feeling that my daughter would be in good hands. Then we met Dr. Yee, who does the detox procedure. We discovered that he was a VERY professional, board certified, well qualified anethesologist who does anesthesology for heart surgeries when not in the detox clinic. Dr. Yee is also a very good teacher. He discusses all of the steps that lead to addiction & how rapid detox works before the patient actually goes through it.

During the procedure, our daughter was under sedation and asleep. As her mother I was able to stay with her the whole time. Dr. Yee explained all that was taking place and what to expect next. He explained all of the numbers on the myriad of monitors and what they meant, and what was going on in my daughter's body & brain during the process. Dr. Yee was at the bedside during the total 8 hour procedure along with 1-3 other staff members. They were all very kind & compassionate in their care!

After the 8 hour detox, after our daughter was awake again, two of Dr. Yee's staff took us to our room & stayed with us for 48 hours. They became almost like family members. They made sure that she was getting enough exercise, was eating correctly and they monitored all of her emotional and physical reactions during that time. They also helped with medications that eased her body during the adjustment to being drug free. They were very knowledgable of all that she was experiencing & knew exactly what she needed at all times. They were encouraging and treated her with great dignity & compassion.

Our daughter went back to work just a couple of days after we got home. She had a few side effects for a short time, but with two, non addictive medications and some things to help with weakness, etc. it was only a short time and she was feeling totally normal again. In her words, she is totally free of the addiction and "has her life back again!!!" With the job she holds she would have not been able to go through a long protracted time of withdrawal. She could have been terminated from her job. This was so much more manageable and humane than the longer method of cold turkey detox. Our family is VERY thankful to Dr. Yee and his wonderful & professional team at Rapid Detox. This is now 4 months later.......thank you Dr. Yee, Ben & Cathy Celi & Dr. Rendon!! We appreciate you so much!!



I wanted to share a few thoughts with anyone contemplating Dr. Yee’s Rapid Detox program. I was in your shoes less than one month ago. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, chasing the next fix of Sub, OC, Vics, Perks, or whatever else I could get my hands on. I can go on about all that, but anyone reading this probably already knows that story.

Anyway, I had hit the wall with it, again, but there was that HUGE fear of the withdraw that would ensue once I made the choice to call it quits. Truth be told, that was the only thing that kept me on the drugs for the last two years. The fear of the impending hell that is withdraw is enough to deter anyone from even attempting to take that step.

I know what many of you may be thinking….If this process works so well, why are qualified professionals so adamantly opposed to Rapid Detox? The answer to that is too long to get into, but just keep in mind that many of those who are against this treatment stand to make a lot of money from their specific method of rehabilitation.

To sum up my experience, I can say that I was treated as kindly as possible. I am usually uncomfortable in situations of great unknowns, but I believe that everyone in Dr. Yee’s employ is aware of that and go to great lengths to comfort you. I was picked up at the airport by a very kind lady named Carol, who was nice enough to drop me by “In and Out Burger” to introduce me to the double-double, then took me to check into my hotel. After I was all settled, Carol picked me up and took me over to the clinic to meet Dr. Yee for a brief overview of the procedure for the next day. Dr Yee is a very kind man, and he definitely calmed my anxieties about the procedure. Before I left, he gave me a solution to drink that night to “clean me out” for the procedure and that was pretty much all it took. I went back and relaxed at the hotel, and felt comfortable knowing what would happen the next day.

As far as the procedure: It’s pretty simple, they lie you down on a hospital bed, Dr. Yee gently puts the IV in place, and that was it. I woke up 8 hours later??? Kind of in a haze to say the least, but not uncomfortable, and whisked away to the hotel by my new best pal Ed.

Ed “hung out” with me at the hotel, made sure I was comfortable, kept me nourished, and gave me someone to talk to (which helped because I was out there solo). By the time I left, we were buddies and I have even kept in touch with him since. He was genuinely concerned with my progress, and continues to be 2 weeks after I have left. How often do you experience someone that honestly cares that much about other people? With all due respect to Dr. Yee, I think my buddy Ed was what got me through the next couple of days! I was a little weak when I had to catch my flight out of Vegas, but Ed stayed by my side right up until Security kept him from going any further. For that, I owe him a great deal of gratitude.

As I said, it’s been two weeks now and I’m feeling great. Don’t expect to come out of the procedure feeling completely reborn, but mentally you should feel a warm, safe notion that the worst is behind you. I experienced no withdraw, just a little readjusting to everything. What I felt afterwards was nothing worse than a common flu bug for a couple of days. Within one week, I was on my bike, riding 10 miles with relative ease.

I am very fortunate to have had that opportunity, and I will never forget Dr. Yee and his staff for helping me get my life back!!! With the assistance of my therapist back home, I am confident that I’m on the right path now. As far as the life sucking opiates… It’s finally over….time to live again!!!! Thanks to Everyone out in Las Vegas for everything!

las vegas rapid detox versus other detox centers

Postby coollvn on Tue May 27, 2008 10:03 pm

Male, 28, beverly hills - CA
i'm a recovering oxycontin 800mg a day nurse. been clean 2mo. and have no cravings or pain. i have full health coverage from kaiser permanente & deductible $5. i started taking this med when i had a complication from a grand mal seizure from kids verbally fighting & i h... [More] ad little sleep that night. when i had the seizure i fell off my bed & hit something, maybe my laptop. my dr & several specialists, such as pain mgmt, diagnosed me as intercostal neuralgia. i just had right mid rib pain, i think it was more muscle pain than that. they couldn't give me cortizone shots because they said it was too close to my lungs. i had negative xrays, mri's, & in neurology no s/s of epilepsy. so, i was given oxycontin for 1yr. even when my mind said i didn't need it, my body would shake or my legs would kick, i lost 10lbs, my job, house everything except my mind, cars & family. i had to take mattters in my own hands. i tried to taper with no success, this med is very dangerous 20x worse than vicodin. mwith my medical background i decided on rapid detox. i live in los angeles, ca. usa. & w******* institute was the closest 45min from los angeles. but price is 16-18k now & at a hospital. Not discreet, if you are amovie star or someone popular the paparazzi will find you. also, with their method yes you are out in 2-3 days, but what about post operative care. it's not true you can just go back to work right after. your body is vleaned from opiates, but you're body is very weak. you need to rest at least a week & have a nurse or doctor follow up. with them they give you revia generic for naltrexalone & should be on it for at least a year. Also, this method is alot better than a 30day detox program, where they just monitor you & you go cold turkey. no way!!! then go to group sessions, not me maybe for people with mental issues who have no positive friends or need to be around sober people. for me i can handle it myself & have alot of friends, but they don't even know i was on oxy, but they knew i was losing weight. they just thought i worked alot, since i'm a nurse. opiates when taken, you lose your appetite, you're body builds a tolerance, then you need more & then the doctor who prescribes it makes look like a junkie also the pharmacy techs. You try to find more. I didn't i researched the net, tried almost everybodys way of detoxing. seems like everyones a backroom doctor. in the end it worked for a year, but i relapsed because i didn't rest post op. i went back to work the next day. the 2nd time i called them it was now $18,000. So, i found this this dr thomas yee is the best!!!! discreet location, $9500 will pick you up from airport with a limo & stay at a very nice hotel with a nurse till stable to go home. he comes over to see you at least 4 times in that week to see how you are doing, brings food, meds, red bull gatorade & goes out of his way just to keep you comfortable & safe. especially having a nurse there to comfort you, educate you on what complications or normal withdrawal feelings, appetite, weakness etc...and reports right away. very professional!!! saved my life. i now gained 5lbs, working out on vacation right now for a month. so when i get back i should be totally rehabbed. he thought of everything on this type of detox. there are only 4 i found in the whole usa & range from $8000-18,000. but it's the aftercare that makes the difference relapse rates. i pre operative took ensure to gain alittle weight, vitamins, b12 injections, then went to detox. I feel mentally & physically healthy. Now i can re-start my business & get my life back

At 12:00pm. Drove from los angeles to las vegas 4hrs. while i have taken an oxycontin every 1/2 hr to 1hr.
1st day friday Met with Doctor & was given colon cleanse solution & was told not to eat that day.
2nd day early 7am dr yee picked me up in his mbz to the clinic. undressed & wore a gown, refused foley catheter, so wore alot adult diapers. iv's were done, heart monitors & then slept for 10hrs. they woke me up & said you're clean & it was a succuss, i didn't even shake. they monitored me there for a day with a nurse to watch me & take vital signs every 2-4 hours checking for complications. your body feels real sore like you got beat up. you need help to go to the rest room for sure. also, when you get up you get dizzy if too fast called orthostatic hypotension or postural hypotension. you're not hungry for sure, but you sure need to use the restroom alot, most of the detox when you sleep you urinate it all out. a nurse will help you with getting up & watching over you.
3rd day, if you feel you can get up to go to the hotel, rest or go home you can & a Nurse will monitor yopu for a week for as long as you feel comfortable to be on your own. you also have the doctors cell phone number if you feel scared or need re-assurance. but you can ask the nurse. they are very knowledgeable regarding this. most of the time you want to just lay in bed & have no appetite for 4th day, but you really need to take ensure, gatorade or try to eat something. you get diarrhia because opiates give you constipation & now your body has to get used rebuild itself. just try & eat because you need energy to get up. you have to get up and walk at least 50-200ft a day till able to be discharged. the dr will make you eat, by bringing food to you or the nurse. 4th still want to stay in bed, 5th same 6th day able to eat, walk & mostly likely be discharged. After that it's up to you. For me exercise was golden, it builds your endorphins in the brain, boosts appetite, self esteem, memory, creativity & you feel a like a new person. i planned this whole pre-operation & post op care & now there is no way i can take those opiates again. i get it from exercise & planning on opening my business & life again.

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Testimonial January 2010 from D.B.
        If you’re reading my testimonial; you probably have been doing a lot of searching on the internet looking for a way to get off of your narcotic of choice.  I went from website to chat rooms to this or that…I’ve ended up at Dr. Yee’s sight for a variety of reasons.  I am a “middle-age” woman (did I say that); having had surgeries and really any and all excuses to take RX drugs for most of my adult life.  Of course, I have also had a multitude of detox experiences as well.  Did you get as scared as I did when you read….don’t do rapid detox…it’s a nightmare…NOT with Dr. Yee!!!
        Seven years ago I went to the ******** institute; my first and only other supposed “rapid detox” no withdrawal, experience.  I arrived to get hooked up to a mobile morphine unit; was taken to a gym for physical testing; then the next morning I was taken up to a surgery type of center on a hospital cart for my “rapid detox” which lasted 1 ½ to 2 hours.  I woke up in a fog; I had IV’s connected to my arms; a diaper with a severe case of the runs; I was literally “out of it”.  To get off of this negative experience; I’ll end it by saying my human dignity was compromised; and my friend saw my condition; took me to her home outside of LA to help me convalesce after the “kind of” detox from ********.
        I also tried Subutex twice; you see, I really wanted off of the pills…but didn’t want to withdraw.  Sound familiar?  The first Subutex/Suboxone (don’t remember) was in a 4 day “mental hospital” that my insurance covered; it was “literally crazy”.  When I weaned off of the Subutex I ended up in a treatment center because I became emotionally unstable.  Subutex 2nd round was a place out of LA (found on the internet); they weaned me off of the Subutex as well; when I got down to ½ of a pill; I freaked out again…back to treatment center for R&R.
        It is now time to end my RX Opiate Journey. My grandson picked up a 5mg oxycodone and handed it to my significant other.  Luckily, he didn’t swallow it.  That was the end for me!   I found Dr. Yee on the internet, and like you, I was skeptical.  I thought, oh no…he’s going to take my $, put me to sleep and I’ll still be addicted.  I called Bill on the other testimonial; he was great!  I said, do you work for Dr. Yee…is this a “set up internet scam”?  I had to “trust” (hard for a lying addict).
        I checked all of Dr. Yee’s credentials, asked him many personal and probably offensive questions; he was so kind and compassionate.  I found him to be totally non-judgmental, explaining things to me in his calm manner.  He also made sure that my dignity stayed in tact through out the whole procedure.
        They picked me up in a limo; took me to a nice room where I would go after my detox 8-9 hour treatment.  Dr. Yee picked me up and brought me to the clinic and explained the procedure from beginning to end.  He set me up with Danny and Cathy (a woman for me, how sweet); so she could help me take a shower at the room after the procedure.
        Honestly, I felt no withdrawal after the procedure.  It is now day 17 and I’ve been able to work again with a very clear head; I have no regrets and have much gratitude to Dr. Yee and his staff for getting me off of the opiates without withdrawing. .
        There is a lot more I can say, but you’ll get bored….I would be more than happy to speak with you about Dr. Yee and his process;  his compassionate nature and how this was a true gift for me.  I am very grateful.
        You can email me at  and I’ll get back with you with any questions you might have.
        It’s hard to trust; but believe in the possible.  I did and I’ll be more than happy to share my experiences with you.

 Testimonial from Bill who had rapid detox in November 2009

 It is 7:35 in the morning at the beginning of a beautiful day and day ten free of addiction.

This is an experience I went thru on the dates above.  I am writing this on the day after Thanksgiving, November 27, 2009.  I am also writing this so that but by the grace of God, I never forget this experience.

The trip began on Sunday, November 15th two days after my dad's 90th birthday.  My friend Kurt was accompanying me to Las Vegas.  We left SB in the early afternoon headed for his daughter's house in the San Fernando Valley.  She would then take us to Burbank Airport for a short flight to Vegas.

A new day dawns as I head down to the hotel lobby to meet Dr. Yee at his clinic.  One of his tech's, Ben will pick me up for the short drive over to the clinic.  I finally meet Dr. Yee in the afternoon at his clinic.  He looks to be a man in his late forties early fifties and is very friendly as well as professional.  We chat, I pay him, he answers all my questions and more as he has done over the past two months.  The big question I had was how does this procedure work?  Dr. Yee explained that the opiates bond to the receptors in our brain so during the procedure he was going to administer 5 bottles of an antagonist named Naloxne and this drug actually pushes the opiates right out of those receptors.  Technology in the 21st century.  Boy, I am glad I was born when I was.

.  Why did I wait two months?  A year ago I thought I would start taking methadone instead of pain pills and he quickly informed back in early September that he cannot do his procedure until I am off the methadone for two months as it remains in the fatty tissue of the body and if you went through the procedure you would still suffer withdrawals.  I abruptly stopped taking my daily dose of 30mg of methadone.  Withdrawls did begin a day later so I filled my prescription of Oxycontin.  My Oxycontin use escalated drastically up to 450mgs per day.  I would crush the oxycontin and then snort them.

As we end our conversation he hands me a giant bottle of Glyco and asked me to fill it up to the line, quite a substantial amount of liquid and drink it that evening.  It would clean out my system for the next day's procedure and it did.

Tuesday, Nov. 17:

Dr. Yee picked me up at 7 AM and we headed for his clinic.  He spoke with me for the 10-15 minute ride to his clinic.  Arrived and went up stairs.  Ben, his tech was also there.  I stripped down and put on some large diapers for any accidents that may happen during the 8 hour procedure.  I then lay down on the hospital bed as Dr. Yee carefully placed an IV into my arm.  Moments later I felt myself drifting off and then the next thing you know you are waking up.  I believe it was now 4-5 PM.  Dr. Yee sat close by for the next 5 hours as I came out of the anesthesia.  There was a male nurse also there at this time and his name was Mike.  The guys helped me to the restroom and back to bed.  I was now very cold so Dr. Yee had a small portable heater and placed it under my sheet and boy did that feel good.  Thanks for that one Dr. Yee.  At 9 PM we left for a recovery home that was not occupied.  Recovery Solutions I believe was there name and they operated a series of homes for alcoholics/addicts to spend 2-4 weeks there.  Dr. Yee, Ben as well as Mike accompanied me in and introduced me to the owner.  All were considerate and kind.  I soon feel back to sleep for the night.

Wednesday, Nov 18:

My day begins very slowly.  I look thru the curtains and see it is day light.  Soon I get up and walk to the bathroom and I make it.  I do feel okay however I am very tired.  Ben and Mike hear that I am up and are soon by my side.  Go through the usual procedure of checking my blood pressure and take two pills.  One is Imodium and the other is Colnodine.  We go down stairs and there is a bagel a gal name Dani brought for me.  I take two bites and it does go down.  That's it for food.  We hang out and watch tv and Mike in particular talks to me a lot about what to expect over the next few days.  Around 10am I finally take a hot shower and it really is pure ecstasy.  At 11am Dani arrives and I soon find out she is the PR person for Recovery Solutions.  Young and attractive it is a pleasure to spend time with her.  She takes Mike and I out to lunch while Ben leaves for the hospital to work.  We go to a Mexican restaurant and I ate a few chips as well as three bites of Albondiga Soup.  Dani soon goes to work on me asking about insurance and if I would like to stay for a longer period of time.  I thank her and let her know that I was clean and sober for over ten years in my town and that I had a great support group back there of AA etc.  I asked if she could take me to an AA meeting and she did and it was great on day one.  The rest of the day consisted of rest and a bit of walking around.  An important note, NO WITHDRAWLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, Nov 19:

This day consisted of much like the day before however I was up most of the day and into the evening.  Mike and I took a walk out into the desert and it was good.  Exertion is difficult however it does not kill me and my body is slowly coming back to life.  I decide with Mike that I would like to go back to my hotel.  I would be more comfortable there.  We leave by 2 pm for the Palace Station Hotel.  My friend is there and we decide to walk down and take a Jacuzzi.  I am so tired I feel like a dead man walking however I make it and the water feels awesome.  Ate ½ of a taco for dinner and watch tv for the rest of the evening.  Dr. Yee has me take a sleeping aid for the first week and it helps me rest peacefully.

Friday, Nov 20:

I wake up at 5 am and head down to Starbucks for a cup of tea and a muffin.  It is hard to get the food down but it does go down and it stays down.  Yeah!!!!!!  The simple pleasures of life.  Dr. Yee arrives early and checks me out.  Brings me a blood pressure machine, vitamins and a box of 5 hour energy drinks.  Again answers any and all questions.  My buddy and I take walks and I rest in between.  We walk to a hamburger stand and I actually eat half of it.  Another yeah!!!!!!!!!!  It is a good day.

Saturday, Nov 21:

Flying home tonight and I can hardly wait.  Dr. Yee visits again and promises me I will feel better on a daily basis.  Remember:  There were no withdrawls for me.  Tired, yes, pain, vomiting, abdominal cramps and sweats NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We check out of the hotel and head for the airport.  Boy, when at the airport it seemed liked we walked for ever but I did it.  While waiting for our plane we split a turkey sandwich and it tasted good.  Again the simple pleasures of life.  A short flight to Burbank and a two hour drive to Santa Barbara arriving home at 11 pm. I say hi to my wife and my son Ryan and eat again.

That was my experience for those six days.  Today it is November 30, 2009 and the beginning of day 13 with no drugs or alcohol.  Today I am alive and it feels great.  I thank God for another beautiful day.  I am sleeping 6 hours each night un aided for a week now.  I have to push myself to walk but I am walking further each day.  Food is the best.  It tastes so good.  By the way this past Thanksgiving we had quite a few family members over and I had a good day.  We walked and talked on the beach, rode dirt motorcycles and had 13 family members over for dinner.  Also played games into the evening.  By nine pm I was in bed and asleep.  I made it through the day and was fine.

I believe Dr. Yee's procedure was a success for me.  I can only imagine what kicking 450mg of oxycontin cold turkey would feel like.  It would be excrutiating.  Yes, the procedure is expensive but still in the mid range compared with other places.  I placed my life in the hands of this man and in a professional and compassionate manner he brought me back to life.  I am free from addiction. 

Thank you Dr. Yee and thank you God.


My name is Bill living in Santa Barbara, Ca.  If you would like to speak with me about my experience please feel free to e-mail to


Oh, by the way, today is the beginning of day 14 and I feel great.  There is nothing like living life clean and sober.




From a female patient's father:
Thank you Dr. Yee for all you did for my daughter. She is doing fine and attending her meetings daily rain or shine. Your professional caring and concern was a great part in Anne's recovery before and after her proceedure. Please e-mail me a statement.
Thank you,