Narcotic Addiction

While it is possible to overcome narcotic addiction on your own, with so many treatment options out there, it simply doesn't make the most sense. The first step to recovery is to deal with the physical addiction. Those addicted can experience withdrawal symptoms like fever, nausea and severe pain. To avoid these symptoms, you might consider advanced rapid detox.

The way this rapid detox works is fairly simply. The person suffering from narcotic addiction will first meet with a doctor at a place like They will go over their condition and their medical history. When the doctor decides they are a good candidate, they can set up the time for their overseen withdrawal from opiates.

You'll then check into the facility that treats narcotic addiction. You'll want to look for a facility that will give you a full 8 hours of recovery under anesthesia. Instead of dealing with days of withdrawal symptoms, you'll sleep through the worst of it. You'll have drugs that will rapidly get the opiates out of your system. Consider that 8 hours of this therapy is equal to about 8 days of cold turkey quitting on your own.

Of course narcotic addiction is a medical condition and your health should be a major concern of yours. You will need to make sure that you're choosing a facility that will constantly watch you as you detox. During the 8 hours you're under, a doctor should be watching over you at all times. Once you wake up and begin to recover, you should have several staff members who are dedicated to helping you through the process.

Physical withdrawal is only one step to recovery from narcotic addiction. To live successfully without the drugs, you will need to have a comprehensive social and lifestyle change as well. However, many addicts find that the physical problems are the hardest to handle on their own. With this type of rapid recovery, they're able to move on from the physical addiction and work on the other aspects of recovery without the monkey on their back.

As you can see, narcotic addiction is not a pleasant thing. Recovering from it takes work, dedication and commitment. However, it is possible. If you want to find success, you should consider finding the easiest way to get through the initial periods of physical withdrawal. One of the best ways to do so is to go choose a rapid detox. Many patients then move on to a sober living facility or in patient recovery center to work on the psychological and societal elements of their addiction to opiates.