Oxycontin Detox

Thanks to the Rapid Detox Las Vegas, those who are trying hard to overcome an addiction to Oxycontin can now undergo an effective Detox program that is guaranteed to provide success. There are countless people around the country who are presently struggling with and addiction to Oxycontin, and because Oxycontin is prescribed to manage pain, in a lot of cases, addiction to drug occurs accidentally. However, no matter the reasons for the Oxycontin Detox, Rapid Detox Las Vegas is the first step to recovery and under the guidance and assistance of Dr. Yee, patients will receive care which is needed during the Oxycontin Detox and throughout the unique Oxycontin Detox, the patient's vital signs are always monitored by trained and professional nursing staff. More than simply offering an effective Oxycontin Detox program, we have helped those fight their addictions to Morphine, Suboxone, Vicodin and Tramadol, among many other commonly prescribed medications. Thousands of patients across the country have relied on Rapid Detox Las Vegas to provide assistance with addiction, and because of the fact that we are the only facility in the country that is able to offer an Oxycontin Detox while under anesthetic, the treatment is a success and patients will sleep for eight hours while detoxing.

Furthermore, since Rapid Detox Las Vegas is one of the few facilities in the country which offers Oxycontin Detox while under anesthesia, the common "cold turkey" detox symptoms are not experienced, and when the Oxycontin Detox treatment is over, patients wake up after an eight hour sleep free from many of the physical withdrawal and addiction symptoms and in reality, our Oxycontin Detox is equivalent to that of an eight-day detox program; however, without the effects that are usually experienced during a lengthy program. The cost for the Oxycontin Detox treatment is $12,000 and this fee covers the hotel stay and the entire rapid Oxycontin Detox treatment, and including in the fee is the cost of the anesthesiologist. Throughout the Oxycontin Detox treatment, the patient's safety and comfort is our first priority and to this end, the treatment is performed in a fully-equipped Las Vegas hospital, under the guidance of Dr. Yee who is a board certified MD and as well as an expert anesthesiologist. Rapid Detox Las Vegas is committed to helping those win the battle over their Oxycontin addiction and take road to recovery-free from the common "cold turkey" symptoms experienced during regular detox programs. The hospital room used during the Oxycontin Detox program is fitted with the very latest intensive care and anesthesia equipment and this will monitor the patient's brain and vital organs thought the course of the detox program.

Oxycontin is shrouded in controversy and research has shown that users of Oxycontin often become addicted to the pain medication and at present, there are a number of lawsuits pending against the manufacturers of Oxycontin. Learn more about out Detox programs on our website and feel free to explore our website at http://www.rapiddetoxlasvegas.com to find out about the success which our unique Oxycontin Detox program has had.