Opiate Withdrawals

At the Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic, we understand that drug addiction is a mighty and powerful force. Millions of American's struggle with it, but the sad reality is that most need help to stop. You may think that you have more power than the substance, but if you are truly addicted, than you are the one being controlled. We also understand, though, that opiate withdrawals are extremely powerful, and often times dangerous and we would like to do our best to ease you through the process and send you on the path towards total recovery.

One of the perks of our treatment plan is that you get complete VIP treatment. If you are flying into Las Vegas, will arrange to have somebody pick you up and bring you to our clinic. The first day is your opportunity to get acquainted with the facilities, interview the doctors, take preparation meds, and just relax and prepare for what's ahead. Opiate withdrawals are a dangerous affair, and it is our promise to handle yours effectively. You will never feel safer than when you are at our facility.

Not only will you feel safe and comfortable during your stay at the Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic, you can rest assured that you really are safe in our hands. Scientifically, our methods of dealing with opiate withdrawals are completely sound, and they have been tried numerous times, so you should not feel like you are some sort of guinea pig or test animal. Our methods have been proven, and they are the most effective you will find anywhere, guaranteed. The doctor that created the methods by which we will ease you through what would normally be miserable opiate withdrawals is Dr. Thomas Lee, MD. Dr. Yee has been providing anesthesia care to open-heart surgeries since 1990, and his practice in both cardiac anesthesia and pain management led to his development of the Advanced Rapid Detox technique.

You will be staying under the care of Dr. Yee for 48 hours while you are at our clinic, and during that time you will overcome more than you would in 48 days all on your own. One thing to keep in mind is that this revolutionary treatment costs $12,000, which on the surface seems like a hefty sum of money. You may be asking yourself if you can afford to go through with this treatment, but counteract those thoughts by asking yourself, can you really afford not to? How much money are you wasting on drugs? For that matter, how much money could you be earning if you were not addicted to drugs and going through unsupervised opiate withdrawals when you couldn't afford them? When you really think through it all, investing in your sobriety is the smartest thing to do for your wallet in the long run.