• Medical Rapid Detox:
    Performed on the campus of a major hospital in Las Vegas, using advanced medication technique. The withdrawal process is accelerated, under anesthesia, to help people addicted to opiates/narcotics overcome the bulk of physical addiction. The procedure lasts 8 hours under anesthesia and then 3 days of stay at Solutions Recovery Center, with the first  24 hours being one-on-one recovery care.
  • Safety:
    Treatment is  administered by board-certified anesthesiologist one-on-one. After-care is  one-on-one. We are the only center in the country that has one-on-one care throughout the initial 36 hours.
  • Experience:
    Rapid Detox medical director, 19 year experience in cardiac surgery anesthesia, Intensive Care Unit & 14 year experience in pain management.
  • Las Vegas:
    Our location offers convenience and discretion. No one back home needs to know what you actually did in Vegas.
  • Cost:
    $12,000 for the medical rapid detox procedure, including 3 days at Solutions Recovery Center. This is not covered by most insurance. We recommend patients stay beyond 3 days at Solutions Recovery to address the psychological aspects of addiction to avoid relapse. Extended stay at Solutions Recovery is often covered by medical insurance.


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  • (702)308-6353
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  • Medical Director, Dr. Thomas C. Yee, MD:
    Board-Certified by American Board of Anesthesiology 1994, former chief of cardiac anesthesia, Univ of Nevada School of Medicine
  • Board-Certified:
    by American Board of Pain Medicine 1997, Clinical Assistant Professor Univ. Nevada School of Medicine